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Newest addition to my plant family! 🌱 #SatinPothos #SpringIntoSummer

Apparently satin pothos are not actually real pothos?! I had no idea until after I brought it home. πŸ˜… I was hoping for another fast grower, but that’s okay! I love the texture and patterns on these leaves. πŸ’š
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I didn’t know they weren’t actual pothos either when I bought her. I’ve also got one. She’s a little bit finicky. Not quite as easy as a pothos. Yours is beautiful!!
I got I do I know when I can plant a pothos cuttings that's been in water for almost a month into a pot?...has no real roots...just blackish veins on the stems...thank you!
@powerpuffgirl can you share a photo of how it looks? I usually wait until there’s around 3 inches or more of roots before potting
@TJphilobsessed Thank you! That’s good to know… I thought it would be easy like pothos.
Here's my pothos...
@powerpuffgirl your cutting looks really healthy! I would just let it sit for awhile longer until roots develop. Here’s a great article on some things you can do to help your roots develop faster:
@nila Thank you for the info!! 😊
@powerpuffgirl You’re welcome! Good luck! 😊
I love my silver satins! Mine grow fairly quickly, but not as fast as my true pothos.

I treat them like a pothos for watering and light requirements and they stay pretty happy!
They are fast growers! She's a beauty!
@tmbryant37 Good to know that they can take the same care as pothos! They do look so pretty though don’t they!
@AwesomePlants That’s awesome! How fast does your grow?
@nila I have a little 3" and it's growing nicely. I already snipped a piece to start propagating and bobby pinned some vines so they start vining on all sides.
Gorgeous!! I just bought one a few weeeks ago, my absolute favorite 😍❀️
@ConfidentHope Yay! Good luck with your new baby! 😊
@AwesomePlants ouu I love the idea of Bobby pinning them to create vines on all sides! Good to know they can grow fast though. I heard they were slow growers.
Oh dang, I didn't know that. I just brought one home yesterday thinking it was just another type of pothos. Guess I gotta go out to get a real pothos too πŸ˜…

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