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I got this plant about 8 months ago, I got two 4” pots. This is it today. If you want tips on how to care for a string of pearls plz ask in the comments. οΏΌ
When do you water, how long in the direct sun every day, do you rotate it? How did you repot it
Following. Trying not to kill my 2 I’ve purchased recently.
I am interested in buying one, but not a lot of experience with succulents. Would love any suggestions.
@BloominOnion I water mine just over a cup every two weeks. I have mine in direct sun, and yes I do rotate it. Keep it in one spot that get sun all day. I would repot it when you first get it, because they don’t like to be messed with a lot. They thrive off of neglect. Let the soil dry out for awhile between watering. If you have any other questions I’m glad to answer.
@userbc482a8f they are a vary finicky plant, but if you have a spot that gets full sun and that you can leave it in it should do fine. They love neglect, but are overwatered vary easy. I have mine in a south facing window. I would do your research before getting one, and don’t follow a schedule with watering. Water them after the soil has been completely dry for a few days to a week. If you are concerned with watering bottom water. If you have anymore questions please ask. 😊
Thanks for all the info! 🀞🏻🀞🏻 Hoping I have some luck!! Your plants look great.

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