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#PlantHaul #HoyaHangout #HoyaHeads #Philodendron #HappyPlants #PlantsMakePeopleHappy My newest additions. Canopy plant haul. I’ve been wanting the Philodendron Squamiferum since I’ve searched for hairy Philos. He definitely doesn’t disappoint. Those stems areas so fuzzy with red hue. Upon receiving him he was a bit banged up with some bent cracked leaves & he needs a good Neem wipe. The Hoya Keuschkeliana was pleasantly full. Both plants will need a repot after they acclimate some.
What a great selection!! They are beautiful!
Very lovely πŸ₯°. I don’t have any Hoya plants. Are they difficult?
I’ve had nothing but good experiences from Canopy. They are gorgeous!
@Ninabeena Hoyas are challenging if your a plant parent that likes to water. They tend to need a bit of neglect. Also I’m finding that the soil mix with Hoyas are sort of guess work. They prefer a well draining mix with more of a bark, perlite or choco husk base. I am still perfecting their soil mix.
@Philolover I have ordered from them a few times & the plants have not been consistent. All plants are definitely healthy but the last two deliveries the leaves were quite dirty. Although, I still recommend them.
Omg how did I not see this post until now?! 😍 stunning!
@Rockrlee okay good to know. I have been repotting all of mine into a chunky mix of tropical potting mix, orchid bark, and perlite. The ones that I have repotted are doing much better with the airy , well draining mix.