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So far this summer has been stressful and super anxiety inducing, so I self-soothed by acquiring new plants. I went from having 8-9 plants to 20 plants in 4-6 weeks. Won’t share each and every new plant baby in detail (unless anyone’s interested), but I would like to share the last 6 that arrived this week (Etsy is one helluva drug 😅):

I’ve been really getting into orchids lately, so 5 out of 6 plants are going to be orchids…teehee

Bellatrix Lestrangé (first picture) - I’ve loved that name since reading it in HP, but added a lil sauce because I also love ball culture. Anywho, she’s a Beallara Tropic Lily Hilo Spaceship orchid plant and I can’t wait until she flowers. The seller I bought her from says she’s mature, blooming size. So I’m hoping I’ll get some inflorescence before summer’s over. But research indicates this type of orchid doesn’t necessarily have “blooming seasons” and will bloom periodically throughout the year, with a period of a few months to rest.

Vané (second pic) - simply because she’s my namesake (hello vanity! lol). She’s a Cymbidium (cym biddie biddie bom bom…lol, I had to) Vanessa Amorosi Paradise orchid plant. I believe she is also mature, blooming size but may have passed blooming season. Can’t wait for next spring to watch her show off 🥰

Laelia & Leesa (pics three and four) - they’re still babies (seedlings) and will reach blooming size in 1-2 years, so playing the long game with these darlings. Formerly (and more commonly) know as Brassolaeliocattleya (Blc.) Hawaiian Leopard Mei-Ling, now recognized at Rhynchobrassoleya (Rby.) Hawaiian Leopard Mei-Ling is a more compact growing orchid with smaller flowers. I will treat them like cattleyas in care, so I will keep a close eye while they stretch and grow their roots.

Darling Starling (fifth pic) - she’s not a girl, not yet a woman 😂 but I will be treating her a bit like a seedling to continue growing her roots and hope to repot by next spring to her more “permanent” home pot. She’s a Cattleya Motte Spot Paradise orchid plant. “She’s a pretty girl, a pretty, pretty girl” *Law Roach voice*. Can’t wait ‘til she reaches blooming size in ~18ish months.

Xena (last pic) - I love ZZ plants because it was the first plant my sister and I bought when we moved in together in the middle of the pandemic and they’re strong (and hearty) as hell. When I saw there was a dark version, Raven ZZ Zamioculcas Zamiifolia, I knew I had to get one at some point… and I finally did! Although slow growing, can’t wait to watch her grow.

I would love to hear some of your plant stories and inspo for their names!

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Share them allllll!! 🤩
@emmybee okaaaayyyyyy 🥹
(Also feel free to tag me so I can read!)
@emmybee I definitely will!
Gurrrlll….I’ve gone from not having ANY plants in February to 70 something now! Hi. My name is Teri and I’m a Plantoholic. BTW…I really like your plant names!
You could get lost perusing through people's oases.....and will find great names there. I always sit with my babies a about them and the names come to me! I stopped rolling the name dice a long time ago. Welcome and I look forward to seeing more posts! 🥰
@PlantEsteem I like to get creative with my names—some association with the name or appearance of the plant (eg., Louis Comfort Tiffany loved to put peacocks in his designs, so I named my peacock calathea after him), but one roll of the dice just stuck because of the delightful pun: Keanu Leaves.
I have a Keanu Leaves too...🤣🤣 couldn't resist. You are right that one is too good!!
@TJphilobsessed my sister put me on time out from buying any new plants. So I’m pumping the brakes (for now 🫣🤭) lol. But best believe I have hundreds of plants waiting to be bought on Etsy in my favorites. And thank you! Sometimes the names are alliterative, sometimes I go off of vibes 😅
@PlantEsteem definitely! I’ve seen some really good oases. And it’s always fun to see a bit of everyone’s personality come out depending on how/what they name their plants 🥰
@FreshWidow right! Some of my plants are inspired by favorite songs, movies, books, artists, musicians, things I’ve heard, people, etc. 😄
100 in a year…welcome to the addiction 😁 looking forward to more pictures 🌱❤️
@HoyaAddict You have patience I see.....I just saw I am at 131 or 133...just over the summer.🤣🤣 Should I seek therapy?! 😅
@PlantEsteem plant therapy?! 😜
Hahaha.... @HoyaAddict yes....I think that's what will fix it...🤣🤣

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