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#TransplantingThursday? Maybe!

Have been MIA since I’ve been busy with work and whatnot, but I have so much growth going on, I’m willing to show y’all a lil sneak peek of my non-stop growing #PlantCorner 🥹

I repotted most of my #waterpropagation, and after doing so, I’ve been seeing new leaves emerge from the soil! Just showing y’all that sometimes it won’t be pretty after #transplanting, but if there’s growth, then you’re doing a great job! 🤩😌 I’m also watering them with 50/50 Distilled & Golden Pothos Water 🌱💧
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Best Answer
They all look great! I hope they keep it up in their new pots and grow into beautiful big plants! ❤️
🥰💕 They look so good.
@LatiTish84 Thank you 🥰 I keep forgetting to ask @ManyLime for ur number 😩🤣
They look super nice and healthy. I like the 4th pic the most for some reason. Looks so good being tiny and variegated. But number two also looks so cool. All of them do
Those new leaves popping outta the soil are so cuuuute 😻😻😻
@FairFicus Thank you!! I hope they do as well 🥰
@SirLiquorice So kind!! I love my marble queen. She was struggling so I had to bring her back to life! Those three emerged from the soil 3 days after repotting 😊 they were so cute and tiny before they grew, you should’ve seen them! 🥹
@WickedValkyrie I KNOW they’re so tiny and cute!! 🥹
That all look amazing 😍🤩

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