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So my one succulent is seemingly happy and just taking of...

So my one succulent is seemingly happy and just taking off growth wise. It’s too the point though that I need to have the pot next to a wall for support. Any suggestions? Do I need to trim him or propagate? #SucculentSquad
5ft to light, indirect
5” pot with drainage
Last watered 2 weeks ago
they can get top-heavy, but I’d honestly just prop him up with a chopstick or bamboo stake if he’s otherwise looking good. trimming off some of the lower leaves, probably is not going to be enough, but never a bad idea to have more ghost babies just in case!
@JubilantTearose I appreciate it! I didn’t realize the picture doesn’t quite show it the best but he’s like double that height! He’s very much if going to fall and break if he’s not leaning again the wall. I’ll try to get some support this weekend and maybe propagate babies. Does the succulent normally grow this tall?… or is it supposed to be like kinda spilling over and trailing?
Only when they arent getting enough light. Giving it more should stop the stretch and οΏΌ prevent the same thing from happening with the other rosettes. But you can always be head him οΏΌand prop too.
@JubilantTearose πŸ˜‚I forgot you can behead succulents without any repercussions really. This is a better picture of him with my hand for scale
alotta leg 🫣
He looks kinda pale too. Definetly a vitamin D deficiency.
@JubilantTearose so I live in Midwest area, and unfortunately my house doesn’t have any windows that get straight sunlight, it’s always indirect. Which is why he’s under the grow light, I have it set to 12 hours a day. Would it maybe be a good idea to move him outside during the day especially on the 80-90 degree days??
It depends on the look you want. if you like the compact short look and read backslash, yellow shades, then moving it outside so it gets 6 hours direct would be the way to go. Gonna be vine like and blue indoors without full sun :)
@JubilantTearose oooo okay! Thank you for that explanation (: I just want to put him however he’ll be most happy! I’ll see about getting him his own area outside for during the day (:
soltech sells great indoor grow lights that have worked for me with growing succulents indoors. They are a bit pricey, but if you sign up for alerts on their website, they go on sale frequently. They also sell them on Amazon. Good luck!