Posted 3w ago by @HoyaAddict

What will I do next winter to keep my babies warm and bright? There’s no way they will all fit next year πŸ˜… #HappyPlants #WhatAView #GrowLights #SpringIntoSummer #fallintowinter
Jasmine looks like you need another grow cabinet πŸ˜ƒ

I'm hoping to put mine together before it gets cold. I have been hauling them in the garage and in my plant room ... but then there's no room to walk!

Good thing it's only three or four months out of the year!
@sarahsalith Haha it might be the solution πŸ˜… @KikiGoldblatt I was thinking about another cabinet 🀭
@sarahsalith GREENHOUSE GANG!!!!
@RJG where's the hashtag? Maybe that'll motivate me to start stressing about putting this thing together. 🀣 I keep putting it off because I don't *need* it until November.

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