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Isabella the cactus needs winter care tips

This is Isabella. She is doing well (I think). My other plant I previously had (for about a month) is no longer with us. She was a waffle plant, and I don’t think she got enough water, sun, or both.

Also, does anyone have tips on how to keep Isabella alive through the winter season? Where I live, the sun never directly shines through my windows (direct sunlight is recommended for cacti).

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1ft to light, indirect
3” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 week ago
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Lovely lovely Golden Barrel Cactus 😍. Make sure not to give her too much water. Only water when the soil is completely dry, not sooner than every 8 days, could be even less often. It's better to err on the dry side. We don't want her to get root rot from overwatering, right?
I can see she's in regular soil. Regular soil retains moisture for longer. Water every 12 days or so. It's better to repot later, when the plant is got used to the new home.
Without direct sun 6+ the plant will die. You need to buy good full spectrum grow lights
Try putting it directly in a windowsill, south is best north is worst.
This will give it enough light to keep it alive.

As for watering, always check if the soil is completely dry before watering the plant. In winter it will take way longer for it to dry out, so a schedule isn't recommended to follow. underwatering is always better with cacti.

If you want/can it would be better for the cactus to be potted in a terracotta pot with succulent/cacti soil. But if not, just make sure you let the soil completely dry out before watering again.
The terracotta and special soil will make it that the soil dries out faster, and that's what cacti prefer.

Most importantly enjoy your new baby!!πŸ’™πŸ’œ
With my cacti i usually wait 3-4 weeks before watering and then give them a good soak in a bowl of water.
In order to give her proper care, I think she needs a rebranding. She is definitely not a golden barrel (echinocactus grusonii), she looks to be a mammillaria. My vote is for M. Spinosissima Pilcayensis, but don't quote me. You will be able to keep it alive through the winter without a lot of light, because it should go dormant for a few months as most cacti do. Don't water it much at all during this time if you're not seeing any new growth. Don't stress about repotting, in my opinion. You can wait until spring or do it right now, I don't think it will matter too much. It's a pretty hardy cactus so it should handle whatever. Just be sure to use succulent soil of some kind and have a pot with drainage. If you want good growth, you'll need better light for her in the spring... but don't fret about that now.

You'll do great!!
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