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So i did a thaaannnggggg today... I may or may not have gotten something... pictures don't do any justice to her bc she is hypnotic and just uggghhhhhhhhhhhh #happyplants #plantsmakepeoplehappy #plantaddict #planttherapy #plantmafia #krunchytime #greggang #plantshelfie #planthaul #hideitfromhubby #plantsmademedoit #goodhobbiesgoodhabbits #houstonihaveaproblem #lastoneiswear
Ahh!!! Is that a white knight?! And a rockin Rex begonia, too!
Pretty!! I have one those lil begonias
Is it a….. knight, princess, or wizard🀣 either way, absolutely stunning
@sarahsalith @mrgncrch Red kiss begonia Rex
White princess Philo
Yea I had no clue how similar those all basically were until I Googled it a little bit ago and got sooooo confused and finally found the name sticker it came with in my truck @mrgncrch omg aren't they the cutest little things ever!?!
They're gorgeous! And I love the pot the rex is in!!
Beautiful 😍 I love them!!!
Gorgeous! And you deserve them!!
@WickedValkyrie thanks😊 > had it truly perfect and was so proud and about tomput the finishing coat on when the dabbed blasted butter finger phalanges abandoned their pot (on ze pot) and it broke in like 4 different place. The only reason I put it back together was for spite...towards myself
.. because of myself lol second round of painting was as smooth but I'll do for now totally
@ManyLime thanks girl! As soon as I can start getting in new growth I'll send you a happy 😊 @Propa @TruthfulApricot thank yoy guys β™‘
Omg I’m obsessed with your White Princess!! She’s so big and gorgeous😍😍
Mic. Dropped. πŸ’šπŸ’š
Wow they’re gorgeous πŸ₯° congratulations πŸŽ‰
Oooh gorgeousness such beautiful plants and you do deserve them @KrunchyWrap
Absolutely love this that White Princess 🀍😍🀩
Thank you guysβ™₯︎ the nursery was practically bare since they had that sale I missed but they had the white princess in a corner with some pothos and black velvet elephant ears (I wanted sooo bad but too pricey) and I stood there for 30 minutes trying to decide with of the 5 last white princesses I wanted bc each one had its own beautiful and unique looking variegated designs in their leaves and it was so hard to pick. It's so healthy and ugh I love it. I really love my succulents but I've been looking for another houseplant type and finally found one πŸ₯°πŸ€—
that white princess is beautiful!

i was gonna get that a while back but bought the β€˜budget’ PPP instead. i got a burgundy princess!

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