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Thank you so much #gregteam! This is so beautiful! #GregTurnsTwo

Here she is…

I am so shocked, this was packaged so well and is perfect! 👌🏼
I haven’t had much luck with online plant shopping or with #thesill for that matter, but this was just PERFECT!! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Also… this is my first “non-basic plant” so any tips are very welcome!!

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Wow! 😍🤗❤️
She is perfect. 🥰
@babyfiretiger13 SO EXCITED FOR YOU ☺️☺️ it's beautiful!
Such a beautiful plant! 🤩
That’s so awesome! So happy for you! 🥰
What is the whole Greg turns two I keep seeing and do I participate?
Buckle up and pack your patience - you got an alocasia polly!! 😁
@sarahsalith 😂 just tell me if it is on the same level as my calathea orbifolia and then I’ll know for sure that I’ll ruin it! 😮‍💨
@Shaubplantshack back in March, the Greg app was officially two years old! The first line of code for Greg was written on March 20, 2020. So as a birthday fun, we had a #GregTurnsTwo contest to see who could post the best pictures. 😁 You can see all the pictures tagged under that name. The top 10 winners got gift cards for PLANTS!!
@melodey thank you! ☺️
@babyfiretiger13 I know Alocasia is prone to spider mites... Make sure you don't over water! They are dramatic! I tried saving one that was completely over watered from Lowes it didn't make it but I saved the corms and those seem to be doing well.

Keep it in bright indirect light
@sarahsalith that’s super cool and I’m sure it was way fun!
@melodey I tend to underwater and water *mostly* all of my plants when the soil is dry with the exception of my calathea, coffee plant and bird of paradise. Is that okay? To let it dry out before thoroughly watering? And does she need a humidifier? (Hopefully not lol) Should I mist to keep spider mites away?
@babyfiretiger13 definitely do not let it completely dry out before watering. You don’t need to mist her and she does not need a humidifier.
@Shaubplantshack awesome! This is great news!! 🥳🥳🥳 thank you
I killed mine lol well to be honest it isn’t dead I just cut every leaf off and hoping for the best i will be repotting it into orchid mixture hopefully to get humidity….. Alocasia Polly’s are extremely picky to keep alive 
I know Pollys have a bad rep but I have had mine for almost 2 months & I haven’t had any issues with it (so far!) 🤗 I keep the soil moist, not soaking wet but also not allowing it to dry out. Good luck with your pretty Polly!
@SpotonMostii oooh no!! 😱 hopefully it comes back for you
@melaza do you use a moisture meter? Or do you just let the first couple of inches dry out? I suck at keeping soil moist! That’s what I’ve been reading to do also I see on some sites 60-70% humidity and on others that they are doing fine without a humidifier. She is going to have some crispy edges if that’s the case! Humidity where she will be at is about 45-50% on a normal day. I have a humidifier for my calathea but I am not consistent with it lol
I don’t use a moisture meter or even my finger lol I cover the top of the soil with a layer of sphagnum moss so it helps retain moisture in the soil, so once the moss gets crispy dry I know it’s time to water
@melaza it actually did come covered in sphagnum moss and I was contemplating removing it but it was pretty stuck on lol I’ll leave it on and see if your method works. I checked the soil with my moisture meter and it was still pretty moist so I’ll keep an eye on it since I don’t know what it looks or feels like when it’s wet/dry yet. Thanks so much for your helpful insight! 😊🙏🏼💕
What a beauty 🥰🥰🤩🤩🌱🌱💚💚
It'll turn it's leaves yellow in a heartbeat if it doesn't like how much sun it's getting (or maybe mine is just overly dramatic 🤷‍♀️). Put it where it will get the most indirect light and see what happens. The leaves are pretty thick and glossy so she shouldn't burn too easily
I love your new baby she’s gorgeous
Beautiful new guy🪴!! I don’t find my Polly to be high maintenance at all. I follow the Greg watering schedule, keep him in very bright indirect light, and so far so good. I don’t group my alocasia with other plants to avoid transferring pests or whatever. And that works because he’s so handsome all on his own! 🤴
@KikiGoldblatt thank you 🥰
@tmbryant37 awesome! Thanks you! I have a feeling she won’t be a drama queen for me 🤞🏼
@GardeningDiva thank you 🥰
@cjred thanks! ☺️
@MariansOasis thanks so much for that reassurance! 🥰🥰🥰 Can your guy talk to my guy about the maintenance thing?! lol I don’t do high maintenance, I’m very, very bad at it! 😂
@babyfiretiger13 lol we should get the boys in touch! I gave him the name “Moose” because it sounded so strong 💪 🤣
I haven’t always had good shipping from the sill either but this one is epic!!! Good for you!
I have always wanted a alocasia polly plant its so beautiful
@MariansOasis I would say strong is super fitting! This thing was crumpled up in plastic and i for sure thought it would be ruined, but once I took it out… voila!! Big, strong leaves! 💪🏼 🍃 I haven’t named mine yet so until then I let Greg pick a random name 🧐
@karlv93 honestly I had very low expectations and was contemplating not even getting a plant from them and just some potting soil or a new pot, but I was like hey what the heck let’s try again! This was the plant out of the box and i was already like 🤦🏻‍♀️ and then I unpackaged it fully and then 🤩🤩🤩!!
@leafmealone247 thank you! ☺️ it really is! I hope I do it justice!! Please, just don’t ask my calathea orbifolia if I’m a good plant mom! 🤫
@iWhilby2021 thank you ☺️
Looking so good! I bought one that slowly died over 2 months, this past fall. I wanna try again. Not sure if I bought a plant with mite infestation or I just killed it myself. I am a new parent of 1 year now. Good luck to you!
@TinaRedchic That’s such a bummer! 😢 Yes try just wasn’t your time 😉
After being down to 1leaf, mine has 2 new ones,but I don’t see evidence of ever having 3. How long might it take? Babyfiretiger13; WOW she is a beauty😃.
It's perfect!! The plant, the pot! But isn't that your Monstera pot? 😆
@Kanteen thank you! Actualllllyyyy it was my money tree’s pott (it was a 3 pack of different sizes remember?! 😅) The pot this alocasia came in I thought wasn’t quite fitting so I switched them out ☺️
@user57179bb0 thank you! 😊 Yea I was pleasantly shocked maglev when I received it! I’ve mostly seen them with 3-4 leaves at best. Now the thing is dripping a couple red drops! Have you ever experienced that?
@sarahsalith ❤️
@Vinxy2 here it is!! 😊

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