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Monstera peru wet stick update and uncertainty

This is a #MonsteraPeru #wetstick. This wet stick was sitting in water, attempting to root for a month and a half. I randomly put some #PothosWater 2 days ago. It’s rooting 🫣

Unsure if it’s been long enough for it to root or if #PothosWater gave it a lil boost ⚑️🌿
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4” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 year ago
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My vote is magic pothos πŸ’¦
I’m thinking it was the #PothosWater !!
Definitely the pothos water! 😁
What is pothos water?
@TheDandiestLion pothos water is water that pothos cutting have been re-potted in, #sciencewithgreg we're doing experiments with rooting cutting of various plants with pothos cuttings
@TheDandiestLion Exactly as @Sassylimey explained! I’ve been saving the water of my Pothos propagations to use them for various experiments!

Currently using this to water plants, in water propagations, etc. Pothos have water-soluble rooting hormones that can benefit slow rooting plants!
I took a vine that had no leaves on 6/21 and cut these segments, tossed them in a bag with wet sphagnum moss, and put it in under grow lights until today, that’s the result. I wasn’t aware of the pothos water, but thanks to your intel I’ll be reusing this moss and the water contained therein on some more stubborn wet sticks once I transplant these rooted guys! Looking forward to experimenting!
@Placebodendron wooooo! Let us know please!! I’m eager to know how it works with the moss and whatnot!!