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Todays staycation project: a plant shelf for my bedroom! I got the shelf at goodwill for $20 and spray painted it and I ordered grow lights from Amazon. Now to hide it in plain sight and wait to see my husbands reaction😬 he’s not as enthusiastic about the #PlantLife as I am! #PlantsMakePeopleHappy
Awesome! What kind of grow light? Those are next on my list to explore as I’m slowly learning my place doesn’t get as much light as I’d hoped lol
@PlanTechnik LED Grow Lights Strips for Indoor Plants, 3 Working Modes & 10 Dimmable Levels Plant Lights with Auto Cycle Timer 3/9/12Hrs, 36W Full Spectrum DIY Growing Lamps for Seedlings Hydroponics, 6 Strips
@PlanTechnik I also have some that clamp on to the stand that I used over the winter but these had the option to attach under the shelves and it worked out better with this type of shelf. My other shelves are more open and let the light thru better.
Such a cool find!!!
It turned out so nice!! I love when folks post before/after pics of their setups, especially when they’re diy 😊
Ooooh I love it
This looks awesome! Imma have to find me a shelf like this.. I have limited space and this would work well..
@NMazon I’ve been cruising the goodwills close to home for a while hoping something would turn up! Patience paid off!

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