Posted 1w ago by @PlantyPlanter

Just went to Lowes to get some peat moss for my plants! Thanks again to @sarahsalith for helping me out! This was not fun to bring to the car! RIP my gas mileage💀 #doitfortheplants #HappyPlants #OutdoorGrowing #SolomonSealClub
Woo hoo! For the plants.

Sad for your car. Don't get me started about how much I have to pay to put fuel in my truck!! That's why I stay home and play with my plants. (:

I save money because I don't go to the local nurseries and buy plants too! 😉
That’s a lot of soil / moss!! So tell me, what are your plans for the moss? 💖☀️🌱
@LovingSunnyAZ I have a lot of clay in my yard so I am putting it under my plants because they are struggling to grow
@PlantyPlanter great! Here in AZ our soil is rock hard all summer. 💖☀️🌱

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