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πŸ€ͺ Living in Australia I guess I will kick off #FreshLeafFriday #greggang #happyplants (honest it’s 6:30 am here haha) My cuprea is hardening a leaf off, my zebra plant (aphelandra squarossa) is pushing 4 beautiful leaves out! My Hoya pubicalyx is giving me MASSIVE leaves (it loves being in a cabinet) My Prince of orange philodendron is making a new leaf (first one with me) Finally my Philodendron Micans has given me two baby leaves (the tiny one on the bottom is a new growth point!!!) So proud of my babies, it’s all cold and dark but they’re still trying to grow. πŸ₯ΆπŸŒ±β€οΈ
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omg @Gordo we found another #timetraveler @sarahsalith !!!
You have shown us some beautiful plants. Each one seems to be growing well. πŸ‘
Very beautiful foliage 😍🌿
@Pegster @kscape @calvina Thanks so much for your kindness 🌱❀️
Gorgeous, happy plants!
Loving the dark new growth on your Hoya
@Gordo So happy someone else agrees! It’s so cool, I read that the baby leaves have tonnes of anthocyanin to protect them from the sun. Gives them that beautiful red hue 😍

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