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My #Monstera has pests! If you saw my last post about my ...

My #Monstera has pests! If you saw my last post about my #NewGrowth on Ms Rainier, you’ll recall that I mentioned some concern for spots forming on the incoming leaf. Welp, upon further inspection several of her beautiful leaves were infested with small white bugs and little black dots that I can only assume were eggs or poop or something. I gave her a good wipe down with a diluted hydrogen peroxide and water mixture. Unfortunately, I had to chop back 5 of her leaves that were so infested and damaged that it was more of a hassle to treat them than it was to say goodbye (check out the before and after pics in her profile). I’m sad to see those leaves go but I know she is grateful and will be happier in the long run. I’m going to keep up with the treatment every other day while I have her quarantined. It’s probably a good idea to check the rest of my #plantbabies while I’m at it. Oddly enough I do feel some sense of pride in taking care of my babe but at the same time I feel so guilty that I didn’t catch this problem sooner. On a positive note, there is yet another new leaf coming in! So blessed #PestControl #PlantTherapy #HappyPlants #BeforeAndAfter
3ft to light, indirect
9” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 week ago
If I were you I would get it outside before the pests get into your fresh foods
@CrazyCarol thank you for the advice! Unfortunately all the areas outdoors are exposed to direct sunlight and my plant isn’t used to that kind of lighting. I currently have the plant isolated away from the rest of my plants and all my food on a different floor of the house. I’m hoping that’s good for now!
@Xin good
@Xin also your dog is so cute
@CrazyCarol haha thank you! He’s a cutie but a rascal!
Gtg good luck
Bonide Captain Jack's neem oil,...

Great product to protect all of your inventory.
@PlantJedi thank you! πŸ™
I May use that as well