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So after what I learned from @kscape in #sciencewithgreg about GP and it's special power. I took a GP vine and 1cutting and stuck it in my prop container with my 2 Trebuii Moonlight cuttings and my Blushing Philodendron that I was trying to save. My TM cuttings are growing roots, my vine not only is growing roots, it's growing leaves in the water and my BP has 2 new growths and a small root! It's been about 2wks maybe? I'm so excited with these results. I also have a GP vine with my syngonium prop as well. Thank you Dariana!! πŸ’š #plantsmakepeoplehappy #propagationstation #newgrowth #rootporn #latitish
Another pic
@LatiTish84 these are amazing results!! I love this!! Thank you for trying and can’t wait to see more growth on your babies!! πŸ₯ΉπŸ₯ΉπŸŒΏ
Yes, me too. Your info was priceless. I appreciate it so much. @kscape
That is so awesome @LatiTish84!! They are looking good. I agree... @kscape's if has been priceless. I am watering a few plants with #pothoswater now and monitoring.....and have a #frankenpothos in the works. Thank you both for your always awesome information!!
@PlantEsteem please do report on these! I have a controlled test and the experiment! So far, I see more growth on those watered with #PothosWater 🌿✨
@kscape Will do! Any posts I'll include #pothoswater for easy tracking. This is exciting! I am glad you are seeing good growth. @kscape I have a pothos prop at work. I'll start watering the other props with #pothoswater and monitor progress with #officeplantsandprops. Good idea? πŸ€”πŸ€­
@PlantEsteem great idea! Loveeeee this 🀩🀩
That is AWESOME! I need to stop dumping my pothos water and use it to water other plants! @kscape rocks with her awesome info

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