Posted 5d ago by @PeacefulBohoBby

Ooohhh how I wish that Greg had ‘direct messaging’ so I could ask y’all questions and concerns abt the plants that I have that I see that you have in your Oasis 😭😭😭 I need a one-on-one just to know I’m doing this plant thing right tbh😭🥹 #TexasGregGang #HTownPlantTown #GregGang #CentralTexasGang #GregFeedback Sidenote: Pic for attn; & it’s not mine😂😂
All you have to do it make a post with just that person's username. (: (Just don't add the usual tags that notify other communities.)

If you can catch that person's attention, then you can chat. 😁
Agree with @sarahsalith! “All” people are happy to help with any plant questions you have, and I’m sure they don’t mind you pinging them 😊

I know I get happy when people tag me for questions they may struggle with, so don’t worry! Tag and ask away 🌿✨ @PeacefulBohoBby
I agree! I wish this had every aspect of Facebook but more planty and less lame like Facebook lol
@PeacefulBohoBby I was thinking that yesterday because I want to propagate my Monstera but I am so nervous. I have watched you tube but the #gregfamily I trust more then anything
The most secure way to do it is go to a post that you made in the bottom of your notifications and talk to them there. That way your posts doesn’t come up on New Posts
@KrunchyWrap That’s alllll I want!!😭😭😭 At LEAST a messaging system, instead of using posts, & past posts😭😭😭😭
@AmusingEndive Prop it in glass. I have a piece of my Swiss cheese plants propping in perlite and a glass apple juice jar with squirts of fish fertilizer to top it off every now and then
That picture worked!😂
@CoolNoblefir I’m glad it did!😂😂
DMs are def on our list LayLay!
@KrunchyWrap LOL all the good of Facebook. Leave everything else at the door pls.
@ABCD it's coming. I had meetings at my other job this morning 🗿🫥
@RJG 🌚
@ABCD Silly other job don't you know I want to play with plants !?

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