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Show off your Epipremnum Pinnatum!

🌱Epipremnum Pinnatum check in!! I was just watering my plants before I go to work and my Epipremnum Pinnatum small leaf is just so cute! It was super dry so it’s a little droopy but πŸ₯Ή I love it
🌱 let me see your epipremnum Pinnatum 😍😍 Cebu blue, albo, aurea, amplissimum, etc πŸƒ
#HappyPlants #EpipremnumPinnatum #EpipremnumAlbo #Epipremnumamplissimum #EpipremnumPinnatumVariegata
@JCPlantProper absolutely stunning 🀩
Here ya go.
@JCPlantProper one picture doesn’t do this Cebu justice.
@LatiTish84 omg how it is dying????
@KikiGoldblatt beautiful!!!
Sounds like a Harry Potter spell ⚑️πŸͺ„ lol but it is gorgeousβ™₯︎
Here’s mine but he’s been a little droopy since I got him so trying to figure that out πŸ€”
Love my cebu!
@RJG hey I know you probably hate all these can you add questions πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­ out can you add the epipremnum pinnatum β€˜aurea’ or is it the same as the β€˜null’ ?
@Nataliesplants yours is stunning 🀩
@Nataliesplants when did you get him!! They want light and not to stay super wet
@Greenthings very pretty!
@JCPlantProper about two weeks ago and I made the mistake of thinking he was drooping because he was thirsty (soil was dried out) but I think that’s why two of his leaves yellowed and dropped so now he is very close to a grow light and I’m not watering him for a bit 🀞🏼🀞🏼🀞🏼 thanks for@the advice!!
@Vjunc thank you πŸ’š
@Vjunc the NULL is a glitch that we are fixing! Should see it go away soon.
I just bought these rooted cuttings this past weekend πŸ˜„ They are β€œAlbo” and I can’t wait to watch them grow more!
Also yours are BEAUTIFUL 😍
@RJG thank you!
My Albo and Aureum πŸ’š
@Kimtownsend686 😍😍😍
@Vjunc hey so I looked at your oasis and I think you'll want to go in and change yours to Aurea Epipremnum Pinnatum or Epipremnum pinnatum 'Aurea'
@RJG just did thank you!! I tried to do it but the only thing they had when I got my plant was the yellow flame
@Vjunc yah I just cleaned up the whole category in our database. πŸ˜‚
Baltic n cebu blues
@KikiGoldblatt LOVE YOUR FLOOR TOO!!
@EdmundG Those are gorgeous! Love those mitten-like leaves!
Mine are all cuttings πŸ₯Ί
@PlantMompy Wittle babies
@AC73LoveCats thanks
@KikiGoldblatt cebus are kinda understated. I only bought one cuz it was on sale but fell in love πŸ₯° when i saw it in person. It doesn’t fenestrate, it doesn’t turn colors or variegate. it barely blossoms… but it’s such a perfect green shiny leafy thing. And not a bit fussy, at least mine wasn’t. I think I got it at Steve’s Leaves
@RJG you’re amazing thank you!!!
The cebu I think is still my favorite the leaves are so small and perfect! @JCPlantProper did yours start like that aswell?
@Vjunc the Cebu leaves start small? Make sure you’re fertilizing it and they get larger when they climb
@JCPlantProper thank you!! I’ve had him since the summer he got fertilizer up until October but the leaves are getting smaller it seems, he gets light from the east and north window.
@Vjunc hmm. What does the roots look like? Like is it rootbound?
@JCPlantProper lol 🫣🫣
@Vjunc oh that’s not bad. Hmm. We had one here that was just kind of getting too much sun β˜€οΈ it was getting long but it has little leaves