Posted 3w ago by @Hypsie

I couldn’t pass up this adorable bunny at the thrift store!
#WeedsArePlantsToo #ThriftStoreFinds #SpringIntoSummer #HopIntoSummer
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@Hypsie haha me too! Like dandelions—they are adorable and cheerful. A flower is a flower! 🌼
I love it.
Now that is CUTE!!
He has freckles just like me 😃
I love that you stuffed a “weed” in it and it looks so cute! That’s awesome.
@Jana85 I love weeds 🤣!
@Jana85 I tried Dandelions first! They were too rooted & long. Love them!
@Hypsie 🥰
So cute! Like it’s holding a bouquet.

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