Posted 4w ago by @Averysplants

Hi I’m new to Greg and I’m happy to see other plant lovers also my aloe Vera is not doing well have any tips? Thanks!!!
Can you post a picture? I have tons of aloe so hopefully I can help! πŸͺ΄
Welcome to Greg, Avery!

What's going on with your plant?
It’s falling out of the pot
@discreetwildyam thanks for trying to help me its really helpful
@Averysplants She doesn't look terrible honestly. Your plant card says it doesn't have drainage. Aloe likes to be super dry and it looks over watered, so I would get it in some fresh succulent soil and in a pot with drainage. Check its roots and cut off anything black if there is some.

I would put more soil in, like maybe a half inch lower than the rim of the pot. After that, I wouldn't water it for a good week or until the soil feels mostly dry and then give it a good soak.

Aloe is super resilient. I don't see any brown/black or mushy spots in your picture so I think you can definitely get it happy and thriving!
Thanks you so mivh

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