Posted 2w ago by @Plantas

(First pic 6-14-22 second pic 7-25-22) 🥵Golden pothos & monstera deliciosa🥵 they’re getting along pretty well 🥰 (rain)water sphagnum moss and rocks (of fish tank) ——the moss has stuff growing out of it 😅idk what it is
This is awesome Harold! They look so happy!

Also, welcome to Greg!
@RJG 🥰🥰yees idk if to leave them there a bit more or to put them in another bigger water pot 🥰 … and thank you 🙏🏼
I think their okay still! @kscape what do you think? This is kinda similar to the propagating w pothos experiment you're doing.
@RJG These look amazing! The Pothos will help that Monstera grow strong roots! ⚡️

I was able to get my Monstera D. to root in water along with a Snow Queen Pothos cutting! ☺️ @Plantas

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