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Went to my local H‑E‑B and I was so tempted to pick one up 🥲

ALSO has anyone here traded cuttings/leaves with one another? I want to get in touch with more people outside of #Greg (don’t get me wrong, I love #GregGang but y’all are just too amazing, I want to befriend you *and I’m also anti-social and can use friends*..)
#PlantsMakePeopleHappy #PlantAddict #NeedMorePlants #HappyPlants #SucculentLove #PlantTherapy
pretty sure some people here have sent each other plants and stuff!! unfortunately i’m not in the US, but iirc drew is also from texas and aunt kiki/kristy is from tennesee ^^ would be cool if yall could have like a greg meetup at a botanical garden or something 👀
*whispers* do ittttttttttttt.


It would be super fun to trade cuttings with people. I am in Idaho, so probably can’t make it to a Texas style meetup, alas.
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that’s such an organized little display, I would have been tempted to get one of each. was thinking earlier that if a cutting exchange ever formed on here I might end up with too many plants but maybe that’s not a bad thing 😄
@strawberrymoon I will pitch in to fly you out..I WILL FIND A WAY! I would love to meet you too omg 😭 but also, I’d be down to go to JP! it’s on my bucket list !!!
@malobee i think I just might… and darn..wish you were closer!
@jr i knowwww!! They have so many cute babies 😭😭

And same, so many people here have cool plants that I can never find in my area, it would totes expand my plant knowledge! 🤗🪴💕
@kscape awww yes i’d love to hang out with you one day!!! <3 i know you like anime so maybe once covid is over i can take a train to Tokyo and we can go to the ghibli museum??👀 i always wanted to go there, i hardly watch movies but when i do it’s almost always ghibli lmao. i’ve actually never been to america, my mom thinks it’s a really scary place (to be fair sometimes it is but every country has its dangers, as long as i don’t go to shady places it’s probably fine) bc of the guns and whatever 😔 it’s a shame bc yall have some really cool national parks, and i know this is a odd thing but i kinda wanna see a possum irl!! theyre so funky and chaotic looking, ofc i won’t touch them but theyre cute in like a sock puppet way (?)
@strawberrymoon AHHH I WANT TO SHOW YOU ALL THE POSSUMS!! I follow this Twitter account @PossumEveryHour and they post THE BEST possum pictures (it’s an AI) 🤗😩

Look at these babiess!

I’m obsessed with Howl’s Moving Castle so Ghibli museum would totes be a stop on our list! 💕💕
@kscape POSSUMS ARE BABY!!! they’re so awkward looking in the best way, and their little mickey ears are the cutest thing!!! also love how they look like they’re wearing fingerless gloves.. they’re like squirrels’ cute alt siblings (i know they’re marsupials but shhhhh)
and yess howl pretty boy… i’m an absolute sucker for him!!! also love hin bc mop dog reasons
If anyone is in Australia I would love to meet or share cuttings! 😊
@strawberrymoon AHHHHH IM OBSESSED OMG
@HoyaAddict I wished I lived somewhere else besides here in Tennessee. I tell @sarahsalith I want to pay a visit to her home and take a haul of her plants home. 😂 She’s is on the west side of me and about a 9 hour drive. I have made so many friends here that I wished I could meet in person. Like you @strawberrymoon @sarahsalith @Sassylimey and some others that I remember their names to tag. @strawberrymoon is my adopted “niece” whom I love 💕 to pieces.
@kscape I would have had to pickup a few or more. I have a bad addiction to plants now since Greg.
Are there plant fb groups maybe in your local area ? Before I moved to Miami we had plant swaps monthly in our area
@KikiGoldblatt @strawberrymoon @malobee ONE DAY!! It always gave me the warm fuzzies when I'd see groups of folks get together on Reddit all because they knew each other online. ☺️


And I'm really excited to see how a #PlantSwap works on Greg. (:
@strawberrymoon possums are the cutest!! And soooo soft! 🖤🖤🖤🖤
@jcPlantProper ah! I’ve checked but I live near a military base and it seems that people don’t like collecting plants here :(
@KikiGoldblatt me too. I love waking up to Greg notifying my plants need my attention 🤭💕
@WickedValkyrie possums eat my chickens. 🤨 They are soft?! Really?? That's wild. I never knew they were soft. All I know is that they hiss and growl and take eggs and eat chickens. 
@sarahsalith I'm sorry they eat your chickens! Yes they are insanely soft! I rescued one from the road once. They hiss and growl because they're scared, that's all. But you just scruff them like a cat and they can't do much after that. (:
I was swamped with work all morning and I can back to POSSUM PALS. This thread is best thread!!!

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