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Reposting my rainbow soil for caudex, succulent, cactus, begonias. Highly porous, high moisture and mineral retention and of course highly aesthetic 😏.

All divide equally:
1. Akadama soil (moisture retention and drainage)
2. Zeolite (nutrient retention and decontaminates soil)
3. Pumice (drainage and much better than perlite)
4. Lava rock (natural minerals)

For fertilising:
1. High K (potassium) content for succs and caudex for root growth
2. High N (nitrogen) for humongous leaves

Never overwater again and less transplant shock
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This looks so cool!! Now I want to go buy more soil supplies… πŸ˜‚
@tango all the best hahaha!
yo ive been meaning to ask!! it’s my birthday in a few days so i’m gonna order myself a stephania (a small one so i don’t go broke), which are the easiest to start with?
@strawberrymoon try to buy with roots hahaha
@cjred ah okay thank you!!! so not just a single potato lol. is there an easy way to tell which side is up btw bc i always hear people being confused
@strawberrymoon yah single potato will take a while! Because need consistent moisture and light
@cjred tysm!! i’ll go look for a rooted potato then πŸ‘€
I love this!!! πŸ’š
So pretty 😻
Brilliant! 🀍
What a sexy soil mix….damn this is like cooking 😍

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