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I believe this is a ghost plant, and you can see a lil baby is starting growing at the bottom of the trunk :) βœ… Show me your baby succulent, and please join these hashtags #️⃣ #SucculentSquad #GhostPlant #Succulents #SucculentLove #lovesuccs #Succulent #succulentsdepot #babysucculent #NewGrowth
yooo i just saw smth like this at the nursery a couple days ago haha
@strawberrymoon cute 🀩
I can’t wait for that to happen to my ghosts! So cute!
The green one has two baby stalks that grew super fast, and the back left has two - the 4 leaves in front are a baby, and there’s another on top. Oh I just saw my Buddha baby leaf props snuck in the pic as well as the pink pot on the bottom shelf. I love the bebes! Great post!
Two little babies popped up on mine about a month ago! πŸ₯° I've been thinking of separating them bc I think they're causing the adult plant to drop, but I've never separated pups before so I'm leaving as-is for now! πŸ₯Ί
@twinbrights I think it will look nice . I would keep them there.
Is this also referred to as a hen & chicken plant?? I have one too and that’s what my granny always called it! The pups come in so fast!