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I kept a piece of my Chinese Money Plant in water for a month now. Adding some Organic Indoor Houseplant liquid food to it. It had 4 new leaves now. Do I let it keep growing for a while in the water or replant it
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you can pot this dude up!! my pup was put in soil w far less roots and he’s fine lol
just a heads up the leaves will curl a little bit after the transplant! it’s normal
What plant is that
It’s a piece of a Chinese Money Plant
@strawberrymoon thank you πŸ™πŸΎβ˜ΊοΈ very happy to know that I can plant it. I thought the roots needed to be bit bigger. Thanks for the heads up
@HeirChangunga np :) the general rule for plant pups is to wait until the roots have roots (basically roots that are β€˜branched’/secondary roots) your pup has quite a few from what i can see.
That is correct it is quite a few. A couple days after I added the liquid organic plant food, couple days later I saw more roots

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