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This is a terrarium that I created for this sad Boston Fern. I knew that the fern needed more humidity, part of living in Colorado, and so my best option was a terrarium. Somehow, out in my backyard I found some moss that I added to the terrarium, and it turned out like this. #NotSoHappyPlants #ColoradoMountainGang #SpringIntoSummer
That's so cool! I hope it thrives!
Awesome! I am in love with terrariums right now and have found I can grow plants that I have been struggling to keep alive!
Good luck and enjoy!
That’s so cool! But I’m pretty certain that isn’t a Boston fern but another kind. (I have Boston ferns) I will try and find out what it is for you! #FernFriends any ideas Ferny peeps?
@EvLikesPlants Found it! Deersfoot fern, so pretty!
@HoyaAddict Thanks so much for identifying it!
@EvLikesPlants You’re welcome I needed to know, it’s so beautiful πŸ₯° so thanks for sharing!

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