Posted 4d ago by @xou

#gregfeedback another idea I have: when a person makes a question, Greg could try searching already answered questions and provide quick answers! this could also have an upvote/downvote feature for replies to questions, so the app brings up the most upvoted answer!

would love to see others opinion on this
4d ago
the reccomended answers could be given by a few things: plant added to question, hashtags, the question itself.
the app would obviously not show anwsers to what plant is this, since everyone asks that for different plants (but i guess the plant identifying algorithm could bring up some suggestions there too)
That's a GREAT idea! (:
That is a great idea πŸ’‘
I like that idea! Would be very helpful when looking for quick answers :)
We definitely want to make answers easier to find.

This is something we are talking about. It's why it's also important to mark best answers right now!

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