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Friend of mine did this to her fiddle leaf. UGHHHH. Wasn’t watered right and was out in the sun or SOMETHING. So I’m going to see what I can do. I love plant projects 🥰 #ficus #PlantsMakePeopleHappy #plantprojects #RescuePlants
Well, Janai- if there anyone who can fix it, YOU can!! 💚🪴
Let me know what you’re doing to bring it back! I have one that’s struggling that I’m trying to bring back. Any tips would help!
@jcPlantProper keep us updated and post pics later on as you get it back to life.
@KikisOasis @BreezyRosilla yes! I will! It’s been raining and I’ve been letting the plant soak up all the rain water. The soil is pretty rough right now so I’m trying to get it back to normal. Gave it some liquid fertilizer and some sun ☀️
@KikisOasis quick update! Making a post about it 😊
@BreezyRosilla making a post now about it!
@jcPlantProper oh no, I doubt that there will be new growth. That’s sad on a FLF. 😞. Maybe your boss can give you some pointers to see if you can promote new growth.
@jcPlantProper I got a FLF from someone who badly neglected it and I tried my best to keep it alive. I had no luck. It lost all of its leaves. I was so sad. I was hoping I got rehabilitate it. 😞

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