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Hi #GregGang!!! I got my #SpringIntoSummer plant baby (thank you Greg!!) and she looks… as fried as a chicken biscuit 🥲 I know some TLC could maybe save this, but do y’all have any #advice for this poor #BirdsNestFern? She’s going to be next to a humidifier and a grow light!
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20ft to light, indirect
8” pot with drainage
Last watered 3 months ago
Oy.. no advice but I'm hoping she makes it. And what I beautiful pot!
I’d definitely contact American Plant Exchange this isn’t acceptable! I bet you can get an new Bird’s Nest Fern AND try to rescue this one 😎
@ABCD that’s a genius idea and then I can say I scored 2 free plants 😎 I just emailed!
@ShinyBudew Two free plants? I’m saying they send you a new one a let you keep the current one but you don’t get a refund
Oh noooo
@ABCD I won this won from the giveaway!
That pot is gorgeous! 😍 but oh noooo, that poor plant baby! 😭💔
I think some moisture, misting here and there, and bright but filtered/shaded light should hopefully help perk up! I’m sorry about it but it looks gorgeous nontheless 🌿
Oh no! Were you able to bring in the plant as soon as it was delivered? Definitely reach out to them and they’ll probably send a replacement! I bet it’s this super hot weather causing shipping challenges.
Please keep us posted on what they say Budew! So sorry it showed up like this!
@ABCD yes Peter but it's what they've decided to go by so it's what I'll call them until told differently 😌
@Colin I was at the door right when they knocked :(((
I think there’s some improvement already!!
I hope she makes it!

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