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The #umbrellatree has the ITTY BITTIEST little leaves. It's the first since I chopped off the top! The branch on the bottom I did share on Friday also has another new leaf!

The #snakeplant babes I have NO idea how I missed. Explains why it's top growth had slowed some. This is the one I posted about that gets a ton of sun. EDIT: I repotted it on 5/30 😳

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I love watching new growth and those two little snek babies are so cute. My propagated snek leaf I brought back from Florida in January, rooted it in water, potted it up and yesterday morning we have a baby 🌱
@Sassylimey πŸ₯Ί
@Sassylimey so cute!!!
By the time Friday comes they will be HUGE!
I think snake pups may be some of my fave new growth

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