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I've been struggling to maintain healthy roots for my sat...

I've been struggling to maintain healthy roots for my satin #pothos. Every time I dug them up, I saw some black mushy roots. No matter how dried the soil was before watering, their roots still rotted, seriously they are such a pain in the arse for me. I used chopstick to check 2 inches of the soil before watering, and when I water, I wet all the soil gently until water came out from the drainage hole.

They used to be in their own pot, both were using 8cm diameter white glazed clay pots same as the pots in the pictures, so I decided to move both plants into the same pot. I changed their soil as well, 1:4 ratio of perlite to mixed soil. And I put 2 or 3 layers of small LECA ball at the bottom of the pot for better drainage... I really love this beautiful plant, but I just don't know how to make them happy. I hope they can grow healthy this time. 😬

Some of the leaves are growing to the side that made it hard to water, I hate to dirty their leaves every time I water them, so I tied them (gently) with string.
Same, every satin pothos I’ve owned ends up with rotten roots. Not sure what I did wrong, I treat them the same as my other pothos but they’re just unhappy plants for me! Fingers crossed for yours. Its beautiful!

These are all my satin pothos. Long roots to semi hydroponic, while the ones with aerial roots only go to hydroponic. My hydroponic satin pothos are rooting quite well thanks to my golden pothos. Unfortunately, the one in the second picture got transplant shock, looks no hope to me, and I'm putting it in the bathroom.