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I don’t know if I’m doing this right πŸ˜‚ but I #ButtChug all my plants together(waters brown from the fertilizer) also I’m attempting to propagate my #StringOfHearts in a fruit container since the β€œbun” method apparently didn’t work 😭
And heres My baby NYX just sick of my shit πŸ˜‚

#PlantAddict #HappyPlants
I'm trying the #buttchug method out so I'll be interested to know if doing them together is cool. I know proximity makes it easier to spread disease, but if they're all healthy..?

I'm propagating string of tears in soil after getting wee roots to start in pothos water. I just mist it a few times a day. Fingers crossed on that one!

That last plant - what kind is it? It's all fuzzy, snuggly, and adorable!
The puppy looks so done with the world. πŸ˜‚ Beautiful plants and good luck with the props!! πŸ’•
@Paradox i swear I didn’t even think about them spreading diseases maybe this isn’t a good idea - I was so tired after work 😭
@tango lol he really does and thank you I hope the props take!
Awwwwww such a little cutie napping, ❀️ love puppies.
@Paradox I propagated SOT/SOH the same way, however the roots all entwine and I needed to put it all together as not to ruin them. However it is now a beautiful healthy plant 😊
@Vjunc @Paradox #buttchug is really wonderful way to water especially those plants really sensitive to getting their stems and leaves wet. Just make sure the soil is soaking up the water but don't let it sit too long. You'll want to use your finger to press down on the top soil gently a little past your first knuckle. When you're pushing down you should feel moist soil and it should start showing through more where your pushed it. If you are having a hard time getting that top layer to soak, pour a little bit of water on the top soil. It'll go down and help speed the process up.
May I ask wat the bun method is ?
@Vjunc I also bottom water all my plants but individually. I never occurred to me to water them all together because each plant needs a different amount of water. And I don’t want to contribute to root rot! The individual watering method takes a long time but I feel it’s worth it I also find it relaxing 😌
Alocasia’s are looking goood!! 🀩
@KrunchyWrap i think it has an actual name but I took 2 of the stems that were attached to the plant and just twisted it like a bun on top of the pot and pinned them down to the soil. I made sure that the nods were touching the soil but they dried out?
@Kyles2112 thanks for that- ill have to keep my eye out on it - how long did yours take to root?
@Stall54Jo thank you he's a puppy to us because he's so small but he's actually our old man he just turned 11
@Kace thank you Kristen!
@Ms.Persnickety yes I agree - i did each pot differently they all went in the same time. I pulled the 2in pot after 5 min - 4 inch pot after 10 and the 6in pot after 20. It worked well but like @Paradox said I didn't think about disease I think the would be my only worry 😭
I love that big container for bottom watering!! Right now I only use 2 Tupperware like containers and it can take so long! I like this for when I have #PothosWater too so then all the plants get it, or my really big pots. Good points here on possible disease but I personally would still do it your way! Love your little baby and good luck with the SOH! 🐢
@Vjunc maybe it's getting too much light for right now. Try decreasing that after watering tk see if itll stay moist longer. Mine have dried out or stayed too wet. Working on the happy medium but there are staples or pins whatever tf they are called and they help gently pin them tk the soil. I'm using those for my long strands in my skull pot
@lemrobs thank you Laura! I got that container at restaurant depot for repotting. But that's a really good idea for pothos water it comes with a lid I just have to locate it in the garage
@KrunchyWrap I don't think it was the light I was so confused at what happened I'll add photos maybe you would be able to help because honestly this is my first string of anything lol and when I received it I was shocked at how long I was and how many strands that I thought why not try it to get a fuller top. But the leaves I feel like fall off the vine if you slightly touch it, and some are full and some are crunchy.

Oh look I got one shoot 🀣

I think maybe I should repot it I see the balls at the top
Lol I see the balls too 🀣
Have you changed the soil at all since getting it? It looks like maybe it needs different soil. Or maybe it's just not happy with it since it's a new environment. If you did just receive it then it's prob really stressed from the trip and will do stuff like this until it recovers and each plant heals differently
@vjunc I only mentioned about disease because I'm fighting a fungal gnat infestation so it's at the front of my mind.

I used your bun method, bobby pins and all, it get a fuller golden pothos. It really worked! But, since they prop so easily in water, I misted the pinned spots daily until they rooted. I'm misting my SOT a few times a day since it started in water. I've never tried propagating a cutting off anything directly in soil (the pothos was just a matter of pinning a few nodes on the viney lengths, no cutting) because I like to see the roots! I feel like I know when a cutting is ready to pot that way - plus I can always couple it with a pothos cutting (another way to keep it full on top!)
@Paradox thank you Meredith! @KrunchyWrap maybe I’ll repot in in cacti mix
@Vjunc sounds good. Yoy could also just try soaking sphagnum moss in warm water over night and next day squeeze the water out and lay it even in the pot or tuberware whatever and lay them down onto that. Im have my moss soaking right now to dry. Maybe putting clear lid or plastic wrap over the top to create a tiny little humid environment might help. Like it's own little green house. That'll make almost anything root.

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