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This is your sign to get a #pinguicula!

Less than a week out of quarantine and into gen pop and Mommy Plant has caught an insane number of gnats.

I'll link where I got mine below.
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2” pot with drainage
Last watered 2 days ago
So cool! Are they hard to care for?
@ScoutTheSprout they haven't been for me! I got soil from the seller, and bottom water with rain water from my rain barrel when Greg tells me to and they have thrived! They were in a place with dappled sun, I'm hoping a little more light and some may turn more of a pink color!
@PlantMompy Nice!
1M ago
Spray it with a mixture I like to use or you can poor strait dish soap into the soil. The mixture is half rubbing alcohol, (the instructions told me hydrogen peroxide and I didn't have any so I used what I had) and half water with some dish soap (I use dawn. It instruction I didn't ask for dish soap bit I ad it anyway) and that works for me. I use it whenever I water my plants. Of you bottom water you plants, spray it on the soil or just use dish soap on the soil. It works like a charm
@SMM why do you recommend dish soap on the soil of bottom watered plants?
1M ago
@PlantMompy don't want to disrupt the watering routine and the pest don't seem to like dish soap (I use dawn original and it seems to work) besides it doesn't seem to harm the plant at all. Just things I've tried
@SMM ohhhh! I've never heard of soap on the soil for pests! I use hydrogen peroxide for most any issue, Neem oil if it's something like spider mites. I've used Castile soap when spraying leaves, but I'll have to look more into the benefits of Dawn instead!

Fingers crossed, no pests right now thanks to my pings! 🀞🏼

Thanks for the tip!!
1M ago
@PlantMompy Ididn't have any hydrogen peroxide at the time so I improvise lol
@SMM after being on here a while I've learned that HP helps with so many things I pretty much buy it every time I grocery shop so I never run out πŸ˜‚
1M ago
@PlantMompy awesome. I haven't been able to go shopping for a while so I forgot to order it. I got some in the house now and I'm going to keep a stock of it lol. Hydrogen peroxide is good for a lot of clean and disinfecting around the home and in the bath as well.

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