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So fun! I turned Give Peas A Chance ☮️, and found that her new growth has new growth! 🎆 Shiny happy baby peas. #StringOfPearls #lovesuccs #succulents
4” pot without drainage
Last watered 3 days ago
Love the name! They really should be called String of Peas, that's what they look like.
My Senecio does not want to grow.
@kolfild22 Mine didn’t at first. Even under a grow light. I repotted in a much shallower pot I made from clay. And I water more often (checking first to make sure moisture meter is on 0.) Since, she is a whole new plant!
@Hypsie I am afraid to water it often now. It is cold here in Virginia (USA) , even the plant is inside but it is still chilly 🥶 by the window. I already lost couple stems of this plant.
@kolfild22 I’m in NY ❄️ Mine is 3’ from a drafty window too. But it’s also under a grow light. Maybe that is why it needs more water & is growing?
@Hypsie mine is under grow light either. But I guess it is a weak grow light. Which one do you use? Could post a photo and model of it please?
Sure! Here’s the link. My pot doesn’t have drainage (I made it with intention of hanging someday) but there are pebbles at the bottom.

Here’s the Amazon link for the light. I have mine hanging down 2-3”

Sunblaster 904296 NanoTech T5 High Output Fixture Reflector Combo, 2-Feet
@kolfild22 ⬆️ sry forgot to tag you above. Also, this has given me more confidence when watering. I water her much more often now as long as it shows she’s completely dry:

Soil Moisture Meter, S10 Soil...
@kolfild22 I watered her 2 days ago and the meter says she is completely dry. I’ll wait a day or two. Is your plant young? Mine is. The young ones need more water. I find most articles and vids deal with mature plants. Here’s a great article:

My String of Hearts was also ok but not growing until I started watering her more. She’s in terracotta so I put the whole pot in a container of water.

Keep me posted! Hope this helps. I’m new at this and have Long Covid, so I have plenty of time to obsess. And my plants keep me happy.
@noodles Thank you! I make Pea Soup and my sister texted that. I immediately went in and changed her name ☮️
@Hypsie I don’t know how young is it. I got it from Home Depot like that. Then I just repotted it into Tuki Mug. Yeah I have moustercmeter too.
@kolfild22 Have you changed the soil? Sometimes they are sold in regular potting soil. I use a mixture of 1/2 potting soil & 1/2 perlite. Regular soil will hold too much moisture. They need to dry out before rewatering.
@Hypsie I use “succulents soil” for all my plant.
@Hypsie yes I changed the soil but not fully. The top layer is the same but the bottom is my new soil cactus /succulent soil mix.
@Hypsie do you think I should move this plant to a more shallow pot like this one?
@kolfild22 If it’s not looking healthy I would try it. Get all the old wet soil off the roots gently. You can even rinse under water. Sounds like you are doing everything right but if this pot has a drainage hole and the other doesn’t, then that’s what I would try. Terracotta is great bc it helps keep them from staying wet. I would repot then wait 2-3 days before watering.

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