Posted 1Y ago by @ToxicPunkWitch

Peppermint blooming: let it happen?

My #peppermint is starting to bloom! It's been growing like crazy! New shoots, and now blooms! I should just let this happen, yeah? XD I brought them inside a couple days ago, as it's getting above 90 degrees every day, now. They still seem to be doing well, though they've started leaning now that they're in windows. blooming">#blooming #happyplants #mint
16” pot with drainage
Last watered 10 months ago
I'm not sure about mint plants, but I know on some herbs like basil if you let them flower it ends their life cycle and they stop growing... Hopefully someone who knows about mint can confirm or deny if these guys are the same...
Ah from a quick Google search it seems these guys are just fine to flower, and if you let them go to seed you'll get new free mint plants! Lol
Mine has just started flowering as well. I didn't even realise peppermint had a flower until this week
@trish88 I didn't either!