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Hang on little guys! We’ll be home shortly!! #PlantAddict #HappyPlants #PlantsMakePeopleHappy #Detroit
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They are easy plants Valeri, basically they don't need a lot of water, they should dry out between waterings, their rhizomes store water. As far as lighting they do ok in lower light, I have mine under a grow light. I would re-pot then and check those roots especially if they're kinda wet. I'm leery because I got a ZZ that was too wet waited for it to dry out then re-potted her and she had root rot and I lost half the plant, I did save the cuttings which I'm trying to prepare now.
They're easy plants and just so cool to grow. New growth quickly overtakes the original growth!
Love those ZZ's 🥰
@Sassylimey do you have any tips for them?
👀 I recognize that pot! Ikea haul?! Safety First! 🤣
@AwesomePlants 🤣🤣 YES!!
@Sassylimey thank you Sarah- I’m headed to get some pots and soil at the nursery tomorrow after work! I appreciate all the info 🥰❤️
@Vjunc I just love ZZ’s. They are a staple in my home. So easy to take care of. 3 regular ZZ’s and 1 Raven ZZ.
@KikiGoldblatt They are gorgeous Kristy!!

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