Posted 1M ago by @angelw1975

Last winter I rescued what appears to be a Hoya Burtoniae. It always seems to be barely hanging on!
It has been a slow success story but today from the depths of the ugliest prop box.... I have roots!!!

The prop box lives outside and gets maybe an hr of direct early morning sun. It contains sphagnum moss...orchid bark....water.... and NO ventilation holes.
I open the box every week or longer and half assedly change the water every month or longer....the less I touch it, the better it does!

It is and has been home to many props including a few pothos nodes so I'm sure the moss is laced with #pothoswater.

This little box is my go to for props i cant shove in a glass pieces of a shingle plant (I rescued 2 months ago from Lowes clearnce) and now, even more cuttings from this #damnhoya!
#hoya #showoffsaturday #sciencewithgreg #sadplants
Beautiful! Good job
Look at those roots 🀩 worth the wait πŸ™Œ

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