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Some of you may know my angst with a particular #Alocasia οΏΌplant. My #AlocasiaPolly was a #NotSoHappyPlants for almost two years. Now it's with my #HappyPlants ... but it's most definitely a #NeverAgainPlant

So I was quite surprised when I looked down in the pot of my #CastIronPlant (that has been outside on the porch for three months) and saw THIS #NewGrowth - I'm pretty sure this is just to spite me. πŸ€ͺ
how did a corm get in the Cast iron plant? is a string of pearls gonna pop next?
Oh wow!!! Speaking of Alocasia Polly, I just got one 2 days ago in my Amazon subscription. So should I beware?
@RJG ugh. A SSOP will probably pop up and next will be a money tree! πŸ˜–

Free plants, I guess.
You had a pothos pop up in another plant, right? Alocasia are my never again as well. They are beautiful, but I'm content looking at others on Greg and not caring for them personally.
Nice! It must feel great! I have a few I’m trying to get healthy too.
Ugh alocasia polly I think is on my #neveragainplant list too. It kept dropping leaves no matter what I did. I finally set it outside and turned my back on it and low and behold, it's growing a new leaf.. aint THAT some ish.πŸ™„
@BossChayote Hahah! Just look at the #AlocasiaPolly community. (:
@ManyLime @AwesomePlants I'm with both of y'all. Never again!!
I had a similar experience with a Neanthe Bella except now I think it is completely dead. I just keep watering it anyway, hoping.
@BossChayote do it!! You never know what's going on below the soil. 😁
Omg I get so annoyed with my Alocasia as well. I put it outside over the weekend (similar bright indirect light) and it decided that wasn’t okay at all. One of its remaining large leaves is now yellow and definitely isn’t coming back. Why are they such brats? πŸ˜‚
@kaleena I have NO IDEA?! I'll tell you what, I'll never purchase another one again. If someone gives one to me, I'll give it away!οΏΌ
@sarahsalith absolutely. Bottom line, never again. Every time I see a post and someone just purchased one and wants tips I’m just like 🫑 good luck to you, my friend.
@kaleena 🀣🀣🀣 Me too!! I just tell them to go read through #AlocasiaPolly because I know I've spoken my mind there. 🀣🀣
I have yet to get a new leaf without dropping an older leaf at the same time.. The leaves that's all I get
@Val4811 it's takes a while for them to be okay with life. It was two long years before mine finally started to grow leaves and NOT drop one ... or two ... or all of them.

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