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Also got this Parodia today because of how many flowers it just had previous looking at all the old ones on it. I didn’t get to see the flowers. But obviously it had a bunch. So next year it should really be awesome. It says they are a glowing flame red color. It had about 20 or so all the way around. We will see if it blooms again this year before winter. #HappyPlants #PlantsMakePeopleHappy #PlantAddict #NewGrowth #CactusClique #Cactus #flowerpower #FloweringPlants #Parodia
I love the fuzzy bois 💖🥹
Looks like a fat fuzzy boii! Love how the colors just pop out so brightly
Can't wait to see how gorgeous the blooms will be. Such an adorable fuzzy guy, definitely not a hugger 🤣
@Sassylimey yeah it’s definitely not a hugger. 😂 they are definitely more the pokey type of spines and not the soft ones. I love the looks of those crazy spines, so that already attracted me to it. And then once my girlfriend pointed out how many flowers it had before because I hadn’t seen it up close yet that really intrigued me. I ended up going back a few days later and it was still there yesterday so I got it.
@KrunchyWrap I am surprised it was still there yesterday when I went back. First found it a few days ago. Decided if it was still there I should buy it. Since it obviously will be one that flowers a lot.
@kscape I really liked those spines it has. And then after seeing how many flowers it gets at once I was sold. Just glad it was still there when I went back yesterday

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