Posted 5d ago by @AntiochHouse

Giving me the finger? I know I didn’t buy this snake as is but one of the leaves just shot up like this. Why?! 🤣 #PlantAddict #SnakePlant #NewGrowth #MotherNature
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Hahaha that’s exactly what it looks like. You can cut it allll the way back and prop it for fun if you don’t like him flicking you off
Sure looks like it's giving you the finger 😅😂🤣
WOW that leaf is tall, I think it's just that type of snek, they do grow tall. My daughter lives in Florida and she planted this type of snek along the side of her shed and they're half way up it 😲
My snake plant has done the same thing! There’s one leaf that is about a foot taller than all the others for no reason 😂
So funny! 😂😂😂
At the nursery, they get really intense light so they will all be compact and the same length. But your home doesn't have the same conditions especially lower light so it's stretching. All of the new leaves will likely be taller and skinnier.

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