Posted 6d ago by @MoorePlantsPls

Either a flower or he’s sticking his tongue out at me lol #WeirdoWednesdays #LithopsArmy #PlantAddict
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It's like the Hampton roads gang over here!! 🀣🀣 @MoorePlantsPls @YammieOf3
@MoorePlantsPls your Lithops look amazing. It actually looks like it’s having a baby LOL. BTW, I’m originally from Newport New, VA
Awww..... it does look like he's sticking his tounge out! πŸ˜› 🀣
@YammieOf3 this is crazy!! I lived in VA Beach for 20ish years before I moved up here. Small freaking world!! πŸ₯°
@YammieOf3 oh awesome!! Small world lol
Would y’all please move back?? @YammieOf3 @PlantEsteem πŸ€ͺ
Well if I knew now... @MoorePlantsPls I will definitely remember to let you know if/when I go back for a visit.
@MoorePlantsPls sometimes the ops get a little flirty ;)
@MoorePlantsPls oh no no no! I love TEXAS and have no desire to go back.
@MoorePlantsPls me too!
@Lithopslover πŸ˜‚
@YammieOf3 I don’t blame ya there.

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