Posted 3w ago by @DefiantDndylion

Making garden mushrooms! I keep making them and they kept getting “borrowed” from my yard. I don’t really mind since it gives me a reason to make more!
This is fun!
How do you make them?
@Reesecup35 knee high nylons and cement! I’ll see if I can find the YouTube video. It’s in Spanish but easy enough to follow along!
People steal them from your yard?! That's awful!!
I’ve lost several. Either the gnomes carried them away or someone liked them enough to take them? I guess it’s a compliment in an asshole sort of way…
I made these last year! Luckily I am still in possession of the black and purple one! The other two, well, they have new homes some where lol!
They are so cute, it’s a shame people are stealing them.

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