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Pics from the beach! I’m so thankful to live here! #RIGregGroup 🌊❀️ @Leensha-Lou
Can’t forget the flowers!
WHAT?! That's where you LIVE?! How beautiful!!!
@sarahsalith I wish! No not exactly! I live in the STATE πŸ˜… But close enough! If you are ever in RI I definitely recommend JamesTown!
That's the same thing- you're so close it's just a short drive. ☺️
@sarahsalith I love it! The smallest state life! 100% recommend! The longest I had to drive to get somewhere in-state was just under 1 hour, and that was only 2 times including this drive!
@sarahsalith though I wouldn’t live here because it’s very expensive and the schools suck! Maybe when I’m really old πŸ€ͺ
@PlantyPlanter 🀣🀣 When you're really old, you'll know better. πŸ˜‰ You need some land and space to stretch.
@sarahsalith I have a plan-ish, if i were to stay in ri (which I probably will unless I move to Finland) I really wanna move to Exeter for some reason. There is a lot of history and it’s a bunch of old farmland and some parts you can tell are being rebuilt. RI used to believe in vampires and there is the story of Marcy Brown which I definitely recommend you look into to! That or I would move to Wyoming, RI because of the name and it’s very similar to Exeter πŸ˜…
@sarahsalith and you can’t forget the Solomon seal! 🀩
@sarahsalith also, I took some plants from the beach and I need some help on how to get roots so I can’t plant them around my pond. I’ll add pics soon
I wish I could have been there. We’ll go again when I come home!!!
@Leensha-Lou can’t wait! Sending water your way! 🌊❀️

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