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Hey guys and gals! I’m a pretty new plant mom and I was wondering what plants you all would reccomend for a beginner! #PlantsMakePeopleHappy #HappyPlants #PlantAddict #NewPlantMom
just succulents in general are pretty easy and require a lot of light but not a lot of water.
I loveee my pothos!! She Never gets mad at me, doesn’t need direct light, and pretty moderate watering! Snake plants as well as peace Lilly’s (they immediately tell you when they’re thirsty) has also been a really easy plant to care for
My Aloe Vera is very easy, along with my Snake plants and Succulents. So, literally every plant I have.

Aloe Vera’s are a Succ, but larger than some. They are pretty resistant and need bright indirect light if I remember correctly, otherwise they’ll get sunburnt.

Succs are altogether easy. Water once they’ve dried out a bit. Most are fine in any light, but not all. Depends on the Succ.

I’ve never met someone who doesn’t love their snake plant. They are fine in any light if I remember correctly, as long as there is some. They can be big or small, it’s up to you. They have a striking design and also need to dry out a bit before watering.

I don’t have a ZZ plant, but I’ve been told they’re good for beginners. Sadly, I have no tips on those.

If your looking for a flower, remember the terms Perennial and Annual. Annual die off permanently in winter, but Perennials come back ever spring.

I have an Easter Lily. If you look for those, they need full, direct light and are watered daily.

Make sure every plant you get has a pot with drainage, AKA holes the in bottom. You don’t want root rot!

Start with simple goals - and plants to match said goals - like keeping your plants alive. Slowly increase the number of plants, if you want more. Remember to make sure you have room before buying a plant. It stinks to buy a plant and have nowhere to put it.

Sorry for the long message! Hope this helped! Happy planting!
One of my first plants was a peperomia obtusifolia. It’s pretty easy plant to take care of and propegate. Peace Lilies are pretty good too. They will droop if you forget to water and are hardy plants.
Pothos are by far the easiest plants I've ever had
I think peperomia are great for beginners. They do a good job of telling you when they need water (they start to get droopy) so I find it's less likely to over or under water them. My peperomia frost is living his best life in a bright room with indirect light and is shooting out so many flowers. Enjoy finding some new plant friends!
Aglaonema, peace lily, fittonias, pothos.
Snake plants are vary beginner friendly. they don’t need a lot of light and water, and if you forget a watering it won’t even notice.
@Sleepysunday @LushTwister I’ve never had luck with peace lilies! One in particular is always on the brink of dying lol and generally looks sad everyday 🥲 maybe because it’s a silver streak ? Idk!

But for a beginning addict I always say pothos, snakes and here in Hawaii monstera is always very happy, but idk you guys tell me if that’s true in other parts of the world!
@Rintintrinn if you’re an over caring plant person, likes to water and see fast growth, go with pothos and other water loving plants. If you are plant loving without a heavy watering hand, go with snake plants and succulents. It’s important to know, like house plants, succulents have a wide variety of water/light/and soil needs. @Harat9 Peace Lilies like being neglected, let it dry out between waterings.
@Harat9 perhaps u can try kping it in the bathroom? Mine thrives in there and i didnt hav to worry much about it. Wait til more thn 3/4 of the medium is dry before u water. Mine's a variegated version.
@Sleepysunday it is in the bathroom. She has brown tips. Lol thank you, everyone for your help on this! I appreciate the concern 🤍

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