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Damnit Patricia... always trying to get me in trouble lol #plantjokes #plantaddict #plantsmakepeoplehappy #happyplants #planttherapy #plantsmademedoit #greggang #succulentlove #cactusclique
A different variation of that meme πŸ˜‚
Hey….whatever works!! I’ll blame it on Patricia too!! πŸ˜…
Okay- I have to say: I went and finally looked up the story behind that meme and that movie looks SCARY!!! πŸ˜–
@sarahsalith was this the movie with multiple personalities? 😱
@ShinyBudew yes- yikes.
@ShinyBudew like 23 different ones or something!!
@sarahsalith Oh wow!!! I vaguely remember this being released and possibly watching it? Lol but it was definitely a super interesting psychological horror
I watched this movie @sarahsalith @ShinyBudew @TJphilobsessed @Nightshade it was good and scary. I would watch it again.
@Stall54Jo I’ve seen it 3 times. Good movie! M. Night Shyamalan has some interesting ones and they’re usually hooked together to his other movies somehow.
@sarahsalith if you're into freaky scary movies then it is amazing I loved it and I love the fact that it leads into another story involving an older movie with those characters! (Bruce Willis and Samuel l jackson)
@KrunchyWrap ahh!! Spoiler! Amazing!! He ties it into Unbreakable?!?! That's one of my all-time favorites. I really like M Night ShyamalanοΏΌ movies. I don't know how this one got past me.

One of the things I love is how he pulls summons his inner Alfred HitchcockοΏΌ and he makes cameos in his own movies!

I just sent the kids upstairs. I have five loads of laundry to do and a movie to watch! 😁
@sarahsalith ahhh I'm sorry I didn't even think of spoilers bc most people have no clue what movie I'm talking about lol I wish I could do laundry and check out the TV. I don't get to watch anything until 1 am or later bc of the kids and I just stay all over the place all the time it's impossible πŸ˜‘
@ShinyBudew @Stall54Jo @TJphilobsessed @KrunchyWrap

AHHH!!! I watched it!! It was SO GOOD!!! Amazing!!

I still have laundry to do and the kids are getting loud BUT IT WAS TOTALLY WORTH IT!!

Krunchy, don't worry, kids grow up and give you some space sometimes. I'm going to go gather mine back up now. ☺️β™₯️
It’s a good movie! It’s actually not to scary it’s more creepy
Glad you enjoyed it @sarahsalith now I want to watch it, AGAIN!
@Stall54Jo I'm watching Unbreakable again! I have to keep pausing it when the kids wander in. πŸ€ͺ
I am fortunate all my Littles are grands n great grands and home with thier parents ❀️ yeah. @sarahsalith They wear me out but I love them sooooo much. When they are here it's all about Disney. Thanks for that suggestion. Looking for it now.
@Stall54Jo let me know how you like it! Unbreakable was made in 2000. They're two completely different story lines but they cross at the end of Split. If you watch both of them, let me know what you think! I haven't been able to shake it out of my brain since I finished watching it!!
@Stall54Jo unbreakable

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