Posted 3w ago by @AwesomePlants

Waiting on the plants you ordered... constantly running to the window when you think you hear the delivery truck... Meeting the driver at the door to avoid your precious plant being thrown... And that oh so sweet satisfaction when your plant arrives! #plantjokes #PlantAddict ps .com ...this is me today lol
Hahah! I so totally feel you! I had an Etsy delivery yesterday ... the day after I rolled my ankle.

As soon as my family was doing something else, I hobbled down to the mail box only to realize it was delivered to the SIDE door! I could have saved myself the whole excruciating trip.
Or as soon as the tracking number is provided, constantly hitting refresh for the delivery date!
@sarahsalith Oh no! Hope you feel better soon! Nothing can keep a #PlantAddict away from their precious plants! Lol
OMG @sarahsalith you should stay off that ankle...ouch πŸ€•πŸ˜³ @AwesomePlants that describes me to a "T"... I watch tracking and then watch for the mailman to bring my precious plants to my home, I go out and meet the mailman. 🀣 The joy and fun of unpacking the plants is so satisfying! πŸ₯° 🌿🌱πŸͺ΄πŸ˜

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