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One of the local #dmvgreggang shops is having a houseplant swap tomorrow.

They also have some amazing selections for sale right now, so if you're local you definitely need to check these guys out tomorrow!
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Are you going? If so when?
I can't because I'm working my part time tomorrow but you should definitely come out!

They even have another beast like the one I posted yesterday.

If you don't want it I'm taking it home today πŸ˜‚
@SoothingBogbean I know you have plans Sunday, but are you free tomorrow?!
@tmbryant37 how much is that?
@AwesomePlants $35. There's a bazillion plants in that pot
Is that prince of orange behind it?!
It's yours. I'm moving soon and I'm already rehabbing the $2 monsteras that I'm giving away. I don't have room for any large plants in my quarantine space right now. 😩
@AwesomePlants Yes, all that orange in the last photo of the post and that one.. $12 and they're very healthy!
@tmbryant37 😍 OMGeee!
@tmbryant37 OMGeee. I may go tomorrow as well. But I NEED to go today. You tempted me! I'm headed up!
And if anyone needs pots, they have some nice ones
@tmbryant37 ooh that’s cool they have 3 drain holes on some of those pots. And they’re on sale
@SirLiquorice I'm convinced that what makes a pot good or bad is the need to add drainage holes πŸ˜‚

They have some very nice ones at fair prices in all sorts of colors and sizes.
Man, Tabetha. Y'all in the #DMVGregGang have all the fun. 😒 @AwesomePlants take pictures!! πŸ’š
Ugh could use some nice big pots like that but I’m not anywhere near there.
@tmbryant37 yep for almost any plant they seem to need to have really good drainage or the pot is trash to me. Especially cacti and succulents. That’s why I like how Kitoi makes his custom pots for cacti. He always makes sure they have awesome drainage. I’ve seen large pots made by him with several huge drain πŸ•³ holes. When I saw that one in the pic upside down with the 3 drain holes I immediately thought. Ooooooh I like that one. That’s what I’m talking about. Someone made that pot the right way. And it’s on sale
@tmbryant37 Just now leaving, but it will be an hr with Friday traffic. Do you live nearby nursery? Wanna meet for dinner/fro-yo?
@tmbryant37 I wasn't too thrilled in person with the prince, but I did snag a red sun philo! And two rehabs which I'm not showing cuz one is for a fellow Gregger 🀫 lol
@SirLiquorice lol spot the cactus lover πŸ˜‚
@AwesomePlants Nice! I did check the clearance section but there wasn't anything over there I was in love with.

I saw that Red Sun but I already have one so figured I'd leave it for someone else.

I am in Fairfax but had to scoot over to my part-time tonight so I'm at work at the moment.

Can't wait to meet everyone on Sunday!
@SirLiquorice I really like this shop because they do sales Iike that for their loyalty members all the time.

When I got my euphorbia Mando he was 40% off during a sale.

They have a nice mix of different houseplants there which is not always the case since so many nurseries focus almost solely on outdoor plants and landscaping materials.
Can you send me everything from pic 3? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
@vvvelo Hahaha! I took that one just for you!
@tmbryant37 what nursery is this?
@vvvelo It is Meadows Farm in Falls Church

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