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I was a little nervous about my cactus because it has some brown on the bottom. I wasn't sure if it was age, too much water, bigger issue, etc. I have been watering according to Greg and it's been doing great otherwise so I decided to deep dive into questions other #greggers have had.

After reading other posts I decided to use a wooden stick as @kscape recommends to make sure I was actually water properly. I couldn't get it in the pot 🀦🏽

So today it got an upgrade. I knew it had been a while, but since it was growing well I was trying to just let it be. The soil was a rock, I have no idea how it held any water. After a lot of debate if I should move it up a pot size I decided to pull the trigger.

After a good #buttchug it's back in it's sunny spot and, hopefully, much happier 🀞🏼
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5” pot with drainage
Last watered 4 days ago
It’ll be so happy after fresh new soil and a good soak! Let us know how he’s doing in a couple of days 😁🀞🏽✨🌡
Awe a cutie in a cute pot πŸ₯°
Your Mother of Hundreds cactus is so precious. The soil must have been very dry an dense if you couldn’t probe it. A water meter is a great help in determining soil moisture. Nice pot. πŸ’š

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