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@SirLiquorice I think this calls for a #Euphorbia appreciation post. Let's stack em up. #CactusClique #BackyardGreenhouse #EuphorbiaEuphoria #RJGsYard #Cactus #Cacti #CactusBox #CentralTexasGang #TexasGregGang
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Meet Gregarious! I’m slightly obsessed with him.
Round bois
Stubby pasty ones
Lumpy brain looking dude
cool patters!
And my crown jewel
@RJG the lumpy brain one looks like a CEREUS FORBESII MONSTROSE β€˜MING THING’. Those are so cool. I have at least 3 of those
@SirLiquorice oh it's not euphorbia? I thought it was labeled as one originally.
Stunnnning 🀩
My turn!

E. ritchiei 'Bruyns'

E. Monadenium ritchiei var.

E. 'Zig Zag'

E. 'Tanzanian Zipper'

E. Trigona 'Red Rubra'
@sarahsalith oh I like the zipper
@sarahsalith and the monadenium
And one of my favorite plants: E. 'Briar Patch'οΏΌ
@sarahsalith oh that one is funky
@RJG I love how the Zipper is two-toned. Reminds me of a hyper color shirt. οΏΌ
I will post pics when I can. Still at work is the problem
@SirLiquorice you know where to find us πŸ™‚
@sarahsalith I just bought a briar patch the other day. Hadn’t seen one before and Walmart had it pretty cheap. And bought a Medusa euphorbia from them at the same time. I will find pics
Also everyone join #EuphorbiaEuphoria
@SirLiquorice what's that last one? E. Felionious?
His name is Orwell. ☺️
The new Medusa already is growing a lot of new snakes 🐍
@FitSedum omg hello Orwell πŸ₯°
@FitSedum ooooh that one looks really cool. Almost a blue tint to it. And with the different colored spines it really looks cool
@RJG yep guarding the new Medusa. One of the strays running around here
@SirLiquorice yes, it has a slightly blue tint and it’s a good size. I love it. ☺️
@RJG πŸ™‚
The briar patch and more pics of the other
I have NO idea what's happening on this post but I'm loving it anyway πŸ˜‚ 🌡
Wait @SirLiquorice @FitSedum do y'all know what this is?
@RJG Rhipsalis
@RJG I think it’s a type of Rhipsalis
@PlantMompy lol you gotta join the euphorbia club. Lol. I have to try and find all the pics of the different ones I have still
@SirLiquorice oh only half okay πŸ‘€πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
I should just take pics of everything at once. Lol. Having to scroll thru months of photos
@SirLiquorice oh I like red thorns
@RJG that’s spike. That was my first euphorbia I bought back in August or September 2021. Since then I have bought a bunch of others. It was soooo much smaller
@RJG so that thing is going to be huge one day apparently. The Rhipsalis I mean. I don’t have one of those but have almost bought one before
@RJG wait I have at least 4 Ming things now. Lol
@RJG those Ming things are so easy to care for. I have a dark green like yours and a blue one and a bright green one named the toxic avenger. The dark green on was jumped on by a cat and a piece broke off. I was able to get the broken piece to grow roots and get bigger now. They almost take care of themselves. It’s crazy how easy to care for they are
@RJG here’s spike now with the red spines
@SirLiquorice I do nothing for the Ming thing. And it just keeps getting larger.

The Rhipsalis came free as a hanger on of another plant
@SirLiquorice excellent spike has pieces ready for me to take home πŸ˜‚
@RJG no that one isn’t a euphorbia but looks like it should be
@RJG yeah I just started growing the new branches. Before it was just the old branches getting bigger but now it’s starting to actually grow a bunch more. Took a year to get this size
@RJG hopefully spike will get flowers soon
@RJG and yeah those Ming things are possibly my easiest to care for plant of them all or definitely one of the easiest
To be clear @SirLiquorice Mings not euphorbia easy to care for

Spike > is euphorbia and is now branching ?
@SirLiquorice WAIT A SECOND. Cerberus (the one that flowered last weekend is a cereus Forbesii spiralis. Does the MING THING FLOWER LIKE THE SPRIAL?
@RJG that’s a Mouse Tail Cactus! 🐭🐭🐭
I haven’t had a ming thing flower yet but I think they might get some type of small flowers. But yeah Ming thing is not a euphorbia but spike is. I at first thought spike was a type of cactus 🌡 when I first bought it. It wasn’t labeled and I looked it up and realized it was more related to my crown of thorns instead of my cacti. And yeah spike just started branching more recently. I don’t even water it often at all either. Very low maintenance
@RJG never mind I guess it does get more large flowers
It shows the image when you use that link in google chrome but images don’t show here it seems
@SirLiquorice OMG OMG
That's the exact same formation pattern of the spiralis. v exciting news
@RJG yeah that’s awesome it’s going to get the cool flowers like that eventually. I guess that makes sense because they are related. But they definitely don’t look related. I guess euphorbia are the same way. Some look completely different
@RJG wow, what a collection!!! Niiiiice.
My first, and so far only, euphorbia is Mando and I love him ❀️

One day I want to get him a pet ghost to keep him company ☺️
@RJG Your cacti collection is truly out of this wonderful. You have some great looking cacti 🌡!
@Jana85 has your Ming thing ever flowered? I recall you had one in your oasis and we were just talking about that. None of mine have yet. Only gymnoclayciums mainly lately. They keep blooming
@sarahsalith I really like your unusual looking cacti 🌡 very cool 😎
@SirLiquorice oh my gosh!! Your kitty!! πŸ₯Ί
@SirLiquorice what's this one?