Posted 1Y ago by @Jamilea

First bloom of our Zulu Giant!

First bloom of our second season! #StapeliaGigantea #StarfishCactus flower">#stinkyflower
8” pot
Last watered 6 days ago
What does it smell like ?
VERY cool!
This is awesome! And reminds me of Stranger Things for some reason lol ✨
@Herbalgreen25 I’m guessing from the name that it smells pretty nasty! Malodora- so good. These are corpse flowers so they smell like… you know… to attract flies, their pollinators.
@Herbalgreen25 smells like a rotting dead animal. As you can see they attract flies and they lay their babies to eat the dead animal as they grow. But they don’t have anything to eat so they die and don’t get very big.
@Herbalgreen25 rotten meat 🀒 But so worth it!
This one looks really cool with that yellow color. These are one of my favorites because they’re so exotic and unusual.
@PlantingPeace definitely demogorgon-esque!
Mine has bloomed a few times this year. Has two more flower buds growing now. But mine has that Demigorgon look. I would like to get one that looks different
@Colin it’s not a pleasant smell but not super strong. However when I put it outside, the flies literally swarm it.
@PlantingPeace yep it definitely has the Demigorgon look
I’m hoping I brought it inside before they had a chance to lay eggs!!
@Jamilea yours looks so cool yellow like that
@SirLiquorice same!!
@Jamilea the maggots don’t survive long anyway
Sometimes it opens weird. Lol. The first flower I found in the dark and it kinda freaked me out to find this hairy Demigorgon flower in the dark. I have to find the first pic
@SirLiquorice these flowers are HUGE! 13 inches across!
I went outside to find this. First time it had ever bloomed. The flowers didn’t stink much then. Now they’re starting to really smell much stronger. It choked me out last time bringing it inside for pics. Lol. Never had that problem with the first 3 or 4 flowers
@Jamilea I was going to say that flower looks gigantic judging by how small the flies look
@Jamilea mine has stinkier flowers now but nowhere close to that large. More like half that size or smaller
@Jamilea looks like yours gets multiple at once also. Mine so far hasn’t had more than one bloom at a time
@SirLiquorice I have 4 that have opened in the past two days and more on the way!